Hi I’m tifa, and i am a net-aholic…

I am a graduate student at DePaul University finishing my capstone course for the Master of Science in Network Engineering and Management. This personal website and blog is my way of sharing my passion for the Network technology industry. I am particularly fascinated with the Cellular industry, so I will be going heavily into the direction of Wireless tech and Convergence as well. I assure you that I am not your typical blogger, and I am not an instructor; contrary to the commercial everything that you read on the Internet is NOT true.  If I am not completely accurate about something, please call me out. I look forward to every learning opportunity.

This space allows me to geek-out over networking technologies and there is a great site GNS3 that is dedicated for and created by Networking professionals. There are courses that I will be taking and summarizing in the blog. Most of these tools are not free so your donations are welcomed, accepted, and appreciated.